Concrete Shelters

New to our line, The 11 foot concrete structure that surpasses FEMA Guidelines by a LONG shot.  Unlike other concrete saferooms, I come to you and pour this in one single unit.  It doesn’t need to be transported, or strapped down.  It’s poured at your place with a foundation, like your house.

The walls and top all poured at one time, 8in thick walls, rebar on 1 foot centers, each way FEMA only requires 6in thick slab/walls and rebar on 14in centers.  Rebar is anchored in the footers, coming up out of slab, on 1 foot centers, to tie with wall pour. If you search “concrete safe rooms” most are precast, delivered, and just anchored down. We do all of the fabrication on site.  This one is 10×11 holds 15 people easily, 18 if you need to.